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Karoo Droogtehulp


The Karoo is a dry, semi-desert geographical region located in the Western part of Southern Africa. The arid Bushveld plains is a geological masterpiece covered part in grassland and a range of unique flora and fauna species that stretch across the Cape Mountain Folds. It’s also known for its long, persisting droughts being some of the worst in the world. The sudden shift in climate has prolonged the drought period, which has been plaguing the community of Merwerville for the last 8 years. This short documentary explores the diminishing effects of climate change and its long-term impact on a small community like Merweville. A community in distress with nowhere to turn but God and their patriotic countryman.

#climatechange #Karoodrought #Droogtehulp #DroughtRelief (English captions included) Please like and share this video to create universal awareness of the Karoo drought! 👍🌎 For more information on how to donate, please contact Hennie Alberts at +27 (0) 81 550 0283

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